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White Chocolate Couverture

High-quality white chocolate for covering. It is marked by a low melting point and an optimal snap effect. It keeps a long-lasting shininess without needing tempering.

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High-quality White chocolate drops. Also available in dark chocolate and milk chocolate versions. Explore the whole range of chocolate, our single-origin chocolate line.
Amaze with the most iconic white chocolate.
White Chocolate is another one of original recipes that has grown into many chefs’ preferred chocolate. This chocolate is as Italian as can be.
It has a delightful taste with pronounced milky, creamy, caramelly and vanilla notes that are in perfect balance. White Chocolate can be paired with a wide range of ingredients and flavours: from sour to bitter, spices to herbs and from fruits to beers.
With its medium fluidity, this is a great all-round chocolate. Used in chocolate bars or hollow figures, it takes you by surprise with its lovely satin gloss and snappy texture.
Medium-low fluidity. 25% cocoa.
Use this product for decoration covering modelling


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2kg or 5kg